Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Do you bad credit? Have you been denied recently for a mortgage, loan or credit card? Are there certain derogatory accounts on your credit reports that should not be there or prevent you from obtaining affordable financing? Do not worry because Cook Law, LLC is here to help.

FCRA guarantees the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) and all credit furnishers (credit cards, mortgages, collections, car loans, etc) must report accurate information on your credit reports. If there is an inaccuracy on your credit report or you feel some derogatory credit marks should not be there, then the law is on your side.

This federal law allows you to dispute any derogatory account on your credit reports. The credit bureaus and credit furnishers must properly respond and verify these negative accounts, after a dispute.  If they can not, then the credit bureaus must remove and delete these derogatory accounts. Often times the credit bureaus and credit furnishers do not comply with FCRA or simply ignore your dispute. This would entitle you monetary damages and to have the negative account permanently deleted!

If you are having credit issues, or feel the bureaus or credit furnishers have violated your rights, then call now for a FREE consultation! Cook Law, LLC works closely with credit repair agencies to ensure that your credit is repaired and that you can obtain that loan you want. Generally there are no costs to you to bring a lawsuit, unless Cook Law, LLC wins. Call today to learn more!

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