Important Questions to Ask When Seeking a Car Accident Attorney

Important Questions to Ask When Seeking a Car Accident Attorney

Finding an attorney to effectively pursue your interests after a car accident can be a daunting task. Everywhere you look there are billboards, television and radio ads and, of course, the seemingly limitless number of lawyers available online.  There is an endless parade of people in suits each one guaranteeing you will be paid for your wrongful injury or auto damages or protection from liability of damages inflicted upon another. Each one seems more indistinguishable from the last. So how do you find the one that’s right for you? By asking the right questions, of course!

Here is a short list of useful questions to ask your prospective car accident lawyers:


  1. Ask about their experience in dealing with cases like yours. Do they strictly represent auto accident victims, or do they represent a wide range of clients in a variety of issues?


  1. What is the average number of clients that they represent yearly, and with what rate of success are they represented? This might help you gauge the overall quality of the lawyer’s services as well as your chances of successfully recouping your losses and/or protecting you from liability for the losses of another.


  1. Do they have any special experience that uniquely qualify them for your case?


  1. Ask them to provide a realistic assessment of your case and a reasonable estimation of your chances for a favorable outcome. Be sure to ask which factors of the case are working in your favor and which factors are working against you. Will the case need to go to trial, or would it be better to find a solution through arbitration or mediation to achieve a favorable outcome? Do they have an idea of the time frame for your case’s resolution?


  1. Ask about your prospective lawyer’s approach, style, and philosophy regarding law and the cases they handle. Will they be the sort of lawyer who will be asking you to make decisions, acting more as an advisor, or will they be the sort of lawyer who will simply tell you what needs to be done based on their experience? You may work better with one approach or the other depending on your temperament.


  1. What will be the projected cost of pursuing your case with your prospective lawyer? Do they charge a retainer fee? Will they be working on an hourly rate or will they be working on contingency? Will you have to pay anything if the case does not end in your favor? What other expenses can you expect, and will they be able to estimate those costs in a reasonably accurate manner?


  1. Before you are finished interviewing your prospective car accident lawyer, be sure to ask them if there were any important questions you may have overlooked or if there is anything they would like to add to the meeting that may have been passed over in the course of the meeting.


Finding the right car accident lawyer to represent you is an important task for which it is well worth putting in the extra effort. A court case gone awry can wreak havoc in your life, but proper legal representation can smooth out this temporary wrinkle in your life and allow you to move on with your life free of worry. Make sure you find the legal representation that suits you best. Hopefully this list of questions will effectively arm you with the tools needed to do just that.

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