Credit Reporting Errors

Have inaccurate information on your credit? Have identity theft issues? Trans Union, Experian, Equifax are examples of credit reporting agencies that federal law regulates. If there are inaccurate or derogatory marks on your credit, we can help them remove them and you may be entitled to monetary damages for illegal reporting.

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Car Accident

If you or a loved one have been injured, died or suffered traumatic injuries as a result of someone’s fault, such as a car accident, we can help. Stop the bill collectors, calls from the insurance company and get the compensation you deserve. No fee unless we win your case.

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At Cook Law, LLC we believe every person deserves simple and affordable access to a lawyer. Our laws were created to protect and empower us and that is the philosophy that Cook Law, LLC strives to implement.

Attorney Matthew Cook is licensed to practice in Missouri and Illinois. His primary focus is on consumer protection cases. Mr. Cook attended St. Louis University, where he studied philosophy and business. He later went on to acquire his Master in Business Administration from Lindenwood University and obtained his law degree from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida.

Many years ago Mr. Cook worked for a collection agency and knows the ruthless tactics they implore to collect a debt. This includes garnishing wages, credit reporting and those persistent calls! At Cook Law LLC we have personal experience in dealing with harassing debt collectors, inaccurate credit reporting and the emotional distress that goes with it.

Mr. Cook has been a practicing attorney since 2010 and handles every case personally. You can reach Matthew Cook via telephone at (314) 260-6116 or at his email




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