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Personal Injury Lawyer Columbia, MO – Saying No To A Potential Client?

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty – that presumption of innocence and the principle is a legal right in many countries. Having this in mind, someone may think that implies accepting every potential client by a lawyer and that includes a personal injury lawyer Columbia MO, as well. Constant calls for lawyer participation in facilitating access to justice also encourage lawyers to serve the public through legal representation. Financial motives may be reasons good enough for lawyers to accept more clients. However, there are many reasons to say no and lawyer should and have to say no more often than you would imagine.

Some of these reasons are evident in the codes of professional responsibility.  Through the code of ethics set for Missouri lawyers, a common set of responsibilities is set but a personal injury lawyer Columbia MO just like any other lawyer should show an undivided loyalty to the client using his/her utmost ability to advocate for a client’s interest. Fulfilling that obligation is not always possible. Apart from this, the idea of who the client is may be the reason to say no. Sometimes fraudulent motifs and activities can be masked by an obviously legitimate hiring. If someone is making a personal injury claim, that person should be sure to include all relevant information on the accident, to avoid exaggerating his/her injuries and to be honest with lawyer to avoid the legal consequences of fraud. Personal injury insurance fraud is typically defined as any act that is intended to cause an insurance company to compensate you for an injury that is nonexistent, exaggerated, or unrelated to any accident covered by the policy. It is important to note that you can be guilty of fraudulently filing a personal injury claim even if you do not say false information and data; if you simply fail to disclose information which you have a legal duty to disclose.

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Not accepting a client is not easy but the only right thing to do sometimes!